Lead your team to success with every feature deploy

See your team’s workload, what they are working on, the updates they’ve made, and help them make progress.

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Empower your team to work just the way they want

Whether it is Sprints or Kanban, Zepel fits and adapts to the way your team really works. Because your team is unique and you deserve to use processes that works for you.

Sprint or Kanban Board

Plan and organize your team’s work effortlessly

Capture user stories, tasks, subtasks, and bugs for your team. Organize them with sections and hold your team accountable with assignees, due dates and estimates. All of this in a simple, document-style interface.

Find out how you can plan features effortlessly

Capture user stories, tasks, subtasks, enhancements, and bugs

Manage your team’s workload

Drill down to see your team’s workload, know who is doing what, and how they are progressing. That way you can bring in other members of your team and beat deadlines comfortably.

Learn how you can manage workload with Boards

Manage workload with Filters in Boards

Remove roadblocks and help your team succeed

Share extra information, upload files, @ mention team members, and add context to every task. Conversations, decisions, and feedback stay where they belong - next to specific user stories, not lost in chat windows or email.

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Collaborate with team and share key infromation

Lead with data and the right reports

All key questions you have about your team’s productivity and performance, answered. From how much work is pending, to knowing if your feature is progressing, Zepel’s reports has your back covered.

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Reports to help you make better decisions

Integrate with tools that meet your team’s workflow

Zepel plays well with GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, and Slack, so your team can spend time doing work that matters most. And to make things even better, with Zepel’s desktop widget, your team can track and get all their work from the comfort of their desktop.

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Integrate Zepel with Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab

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