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Plan and organize tasks

Adding a task? Creating a checklist of work items? Zepel's document based interface makes it a breeze to plan your work. Use sections, hashtags and indents to create a hierarchical view of your work.

Capture tasks and plan feature

Collaboration made effortless

Whether you need to discuss a specific task, delegate work, share design mocks or documents to keep everyone in the loop, Zepel makes collaboration super intuitive.

Rich text description and comments

Flexible task management for easy execution

Easily bend Zepel to fit your workflow. Not the other way around. Create custom boards and add statuses to let your team know where exactly your task stands.

Change statuses and handover work to other teams

Find exactly what you're looking for

Looking for a single task in a mountain of work? Zepel's search and filters can help you find anything in an instant! Tasks assigned to you, tasks due this week, or tasks in-progress and assigned to your teammate - simply search, filter, and pin them.

Advanced search and filters

Simple, effective reporting

Tired of trying to make sense of complicated dashboards and unreadable charts? Zepel's simple reports will help you spend less time measuring progress and more time on improving productivity.

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