The project management software for scrum teams

Build quality features using Sprints in Zepel from wherever you are. Measure performance, report effectively, and build together as a Scrum team with ease.

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Less grooming. More Sprinting.

Creating and managing user stories have never been easier. With our hierarchical view and document based interface, you'll spend less time in pre sprint meetings.

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Scrum tool that lets you plan features effortlessly

Minimal administration and setup

Set up and run sprints in minutes. Zepel is built for simplicity. All you have to do is right-click to add a user story to a Sprint. Seriously, that's it! There's never been an easier way to create a sprint and add user stories from different features.

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Easiest way for scrum teams to build software

Stay updated with all the progress

Tired of stale tasks and wrong estimates? Effortlessly break-down silos and work across multiple teams and workflows. With your own personal tasks view and deep Git integrations for developers, easily ensure your stories are always up to date.

View tasks assigned to you

Track progress with a list view or a Scrum Board

Don't get stuck with a single view. Sometimes context is important, sometimes you just have to put your head down and execute. Zepel lets you easily track your Scrum team's efforts in a list view or using a Scrum board.

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List or board views

Reports for the best Sprint retrospectives

View Burndown or Burnup charts to keep your sprint on track. Our Sprint summary will help your team have continued improvement after every sprint.

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Simple scrum reports

Build great features together with a simple yet flexible scrum tool!