Zepel for Kanban Teams

Visualize and organize work with ease on a Kanban Software Tool your team will love.

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Get started in minutes

Don't waste time on setup and administration of your Kanban project. Get your Kanban workflow up and running in minutes. No special training required.

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Setup Kanban Board effortlessly

Deliver features faster

Add user stories from different features and focus on delivering them faster. Move work items across boards to ensure work flows smoothly between teams. Zepel is the Kanban project management that gets out of your way and helps you focus on execution.

Add a board for every team

Filter and manage workload

Want to see the workload of your teammates? Need to see who is working on what and its status? Simply slice and dice your Board and always stay updated of your team's progress.

Filter and manage workload on kanban board

Reports to keep you informed

Stay on top of your work in progress with your project’s cumulative flow diagram. Remove blockers and ensure that your team is delivering continuously.

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Cumulative reports to stay data informed

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