The Ideal Project Management Software for Engineering teams

Zepel makes it effortless to build software products together and removes all the chaos from the development process.

Engineering project management software

Why use Zepel as the project management software for your engineering team?

Zepel adapts and scales with the way your engineering team builds software products without any of the complexity.

automate engineering workflows

Automate key developer workflows

Link branches to features or attach commits and pull requests to items to automatically update progress. Want to share progress with the team? Link with Slack and everything is taken care of for you.

engineering project management software tool with scrum and kanban

Supports Kanban and Scrum

Whatever workflow your team follows, Zepel supports it. Whether you want to track using Kanban Boards or do Sprint Planning and run Sprints using a Scrum Board, you can do it with Zepel effortlessly.

advanced tracking for engineering project planning

Track a task, a feature, or an entire squad

With advanced filters, progress view, and detailed reports, everything is just a few clicks away. Want to see who's working on what? You can do that. Need to see the progress of an entire feature? You can see that. Want to see how your entire squad is performing? Yep, you can do that too!

handoff between product and engineering

Effortless handoff between Product & Enginnering

Monitor new customer requests and bug reports as they come in and easily handoff priorities from product team to engineering.

Use cases for Engineering teams

  • Spec and plan features effortlessly
  • Iterate with Scrum Sprints
  • Collect product feedback
  • Share code snippets and link with Git
Spec and plan features effortlessly

Document editor allows you to spec features and derive actionable items. This makes engineering planning effortless.

Iterate with Scrum Sprints

Easily plan sprints, give everyone a clarity on what they need to build, and track their progress effortlessly.

Collect product feedback

Bring customer feedback, feature requests, and bug reports under one roof. This way, you can make informed decisions, prioritize with context, and deliver better product.

Share code snippets and link with Git

Markdown support enables engineers to share code snippets, images, and more. And with deep Git integrations, you can see how work is progressing as developers makes progress.

Loved by developers from organizations of all sizes!

Anbiniyar Muniandy

Anbiniyar Muniandy

Founder & Principal Engineer

Within 20 minutes of using Zepel, I was convinced that this is the tracking system we are looking for and moved all of our projects there.

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Stephan Meijer

Stephan Meijer

Software Developer

A more intuitive app than JIRA. [Zepel] feels more SCRUM than alternatives. Also it feels very lightweight, in the sense that it could be fun to do work with this app.

George Vagenas

George Vagenas

Senior R&D Software Engineer

While I was looking for a Jira alternative I stumbled upon which not only is a note worthy alternative but much much more.

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Capture, mark up, & share bugs as screenshots

Zepel's Chrome extension lets you easily communicate what you want to your team by drawing or writing right on the screenshot and attaching it to a work item in just 3 clicks.

Download the Chrome extension →

Zepel Capture chrome extension

Powerful reports that communicate real progress

A rich set of reports will help you track progress from every aspect. From Burndown Charts to Cumulative Flow Diagrams and real-time activity feeds, Zepel's got it all.

Learn more about reports in Zepel →

Burndown charts

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Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2 Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2

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