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Capture tasks as you think

Create tasks, categorize with hashtags and sections, and drill down to the details of estimates, statuses, and assignees. All without taking hands off your favourite device - the keyboard.

Capture tasks

Collaborate, discuss, and stay in context

Need design mocks? Have a doubt with the spec? Zepel is designed to foster organic collaboration so you can share files, have conversations on specific tasks, and communicate knowledge so everyone is on the same page.

Rich description and comments

Scrum or Kanban: It has never been so easy

Following agile methodologies has never been easier. Whether your team chooses Kanban or scrum, Zepel has everything you need - wrapped in an intituitive interface. Spend less time on the tool and more time building a great product.

Sprints and Kanban for Agile

Streamline your development with integrations

Focus on what you do best - solving problems and deploying delightful code. Not working on iterative, repetitive tasks. Integrate Zepel with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab and never let your development workflow get disrupted.

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Slack, GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket integrations

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