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Turn priorities into shipped software using Kanban Boards, Sprints, Agile Reports, and more!

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Why modern software squads choose Zepel over other project management tools

Simple interface to plan features

Plan in seconds with document interface

Begin working on your new feature without having to go through steep learning curve. With keyboard shortcuts and a document-like interface, you can finally spend time in getting the work done instead of learning the tool.

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Run Sprints and iterate together faster

Prioritize specific stories, estimate, and keep track of the work your team needs to get done. Use scrum boards and built-in reports to track progress of your Sprint.

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Run Sprints effortlessly
Kanban Boards in Zepel

Add Kanban boards to track status progress

Create and customize kanban boards to track the development progress painlessly. With advanced filters, you can manage workload and ensure your squad ships on time.

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Agile reports to uncover opportunities and remove roadblocks

With activity feeds, cumulative, burnup, and burndown charts at your disposal, Zepel lets you stay on top of your team’s progress. This lets you track the progress of a Sprint, an entire Feature, or the whole squad!

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Simple agile reports

Why Zepel is the Best Project Management Software for your team

Every squad needs a project management tool to visually track progress. And thousands of teams use Zepel to do just that!

Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2 Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2

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