Kanban Software for Development Teams

Visualize and organize your development work with ease on a Kanban Software that's simple, yet powerful to use. It's built with all the capabilities your software development team needs with none of the clutter.

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So, what should you look for in a Kanban Software?

start using kanban software minutes

Start in minutes

Don't waste time on setup and administration of your kanban software. Set up your kanban workflow up and begin working on your feature in minutes.

kanban software with customizable workflows

Customizable workflows to fit every team's needs

Add multiple kanban boards for every team and allow kanban cards to move from one board to another for seamless handoff. Configure columns to represent major workflow states such as To Do, In Progress, and Done.

advanced filters in a kanban software

Advanced filters to see big picture and gain visibility

Want to see the workload of your teammates? Need to see who is working on what and its status? Use advanced filters to slice and dice your Kanban board and always stay updated of your team's progress.

kanban cards

Gain complete context with Kanban cards

View all the relevant information for each user story, bug, enhancement, or task. With one-click, you can get all the details, including file attachments, description, acceptance criteria, comments, and more!

Powerful features to expect in a Kanban Board Software

Powerful developer capabilities to level-up your workflow

Zepel supports markdown, includes developer-friendly APIs, and integrates deeply with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. This way, you can automate your workflow and spend more time on the important work.

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Kanban Software with Developer friendly integrations

Capture user stories and plan next steps with ease

Switch between a document interface and the kanban board with ease. Plan your feature with the document-like interface using user stories, tasks, subtasks, bugs, and enhancements. Add detailed descriptions, priorities, and start tracking them using the Kanban board effortlessly.

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Switch between kanban and list view

Reports to keep you informed

Remove blockers and ensure that your team is delivering continuously. With a cumulative flow chart for your entire project, activity feeds, and other agile reports, you can finally stay on top of your team's progress.

Cumulative reports to stay data informed

Have more questions about Kanban Software?

Definitely! Zepel's allows you to create a kanban board for each team in your project. This allows you to track specific teams and handoff work easily!
The most popular templates you can use in a kanban board software are -

1. Development Board
2. Bug Board
3. Design Board
4. Scrum Board
5. Product Board
6. QA Board

These boards are readily available in Zepel.
Absolutely! Zepel is completely free to use indefinitely with all the features you would need in a project management tool with a cap of 5 members in an account.

If you are a startup trying to get off the ground, that’s another monthly bill you don’t have to worry about.
Zepel provides a one-click import from other kanban board software such as JIRA, Trello, and Asana. With the one-click import, all your data will be imported without any loss in data.

Why Zepel is the Best Kanban Software for your team

Every software team needs a kanban software to visually track progress. And thousands of teams use Zepel to do just that!

Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2 Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2

Gain visibility into your team's progress with Zepel's Kanban Software