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GitLab Integration for Software Development Teams

GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a repository manager and deployment pipeline features.

GitLab Integration for Software Development Teams

GitLab Integration for Software Development Teams

Zepel's GitLab integration helps automate several parts of the developer's workflow. This ensures everyone is always updated of the progress and help the team stay productive.

By integrating Zepel with GitLab, you can:

  1. Track and update statuses for each item.
  2. Change progress of the feature automatically.
  3. Keep your entire squad in sync.

Git Workflow Automation
Connect with your GitLab Account and create your workflow automation in Zepel.

Some examples of automation:
  • Mark an item as completed when pull request is merged.

  • Change the status to “In Progress” when the first commit is added.

  • Set status to “Review” when a pull request is created.

By setting up Git workflow automations in Zepel, developers can continue with their regular workflow, while Zepel does all the grunt work for you.

Learn how to setup Git workflow automation in Zepel ->
Link Features to Branch
Any Feature created in Zepel can be mapped to a GitLab branch. This lets you perform the following actions automatically
  • when you add your first commit, the Feature will be moved from “Todo” to “In Progress”.

  • when you the branch’s pull request is merged, the Feature will be moved from “In Progress” to “Done”.

You can link Features to a branch with one-click or use Zepel’s suggested branch names.

Learn how to link a Feature to a Branch ->

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