Bitbucket and Slack Integration

Stay up to date with every progress happening in your development team by connecting Bitbucket and Slack with Zepel.

Zepel + Bitbucket + Slack Integration

You're only a few clicks away from connecting your Bitbucket and Slack with Zepel and receiving real-time notifications of your software development team's progress.

  • When this happens...

    Commit Added / PR Opened / Branch Merged

  • Then do this...

    Update status in Zepel

    Send Slack notification

How to integrate Bitbucket & Slack with Zepel in a minute?

  • Step-1: Create a squad in your Zepel account.

  • Step-2: Authorize both Slack and Bitbucket in Zepel

  • Step-3: Customize the notifications that you want to receive about the squad in your preferred Slack channel.

All set. Zepel will automatically send you notifications to your Slack channel based on your Bitbucket activities.

Keep your team focused on the most important work by automating status updates. Receive feature updates customized to your needs in your dedicated Slack channel by setting up custom notifications.

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Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2 Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2
Stephan Meijer

Stephan Meijer

Software Developer

A more intuitive app than JIRA. [Zepel] feels more Scrum than alternatives. Also it feels very lightweight, in the sense that it could be fun to do work with this app.

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