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Bitbucket Integration for Agile Development

Bitbucket is a web-based version control platform owned by Atlassian that gives teams one place to collaborate on code, test, and deploy.

Bitbucket Integration for Agile Development

Bitbucket Integration for Agile Development

Zepel’s Bitbucket integration will reduce developer's manual work that’s spent on updating progress of the task.

Automate progress updates based on your development workflow by linking a feature/item in Zepel to commits, branch, or pull requests.

By integrating Zepel with Bitbucket, you can:

  1. Update feature’s progress based on your workflow in Bitbucket
  2. Track the progress of each and every item.
  3. Keep the entire squad updated.

Git Workflow Automation
Integrate with Bitbucket account and create workflow automation to update progress automatically in Zepel.

Some examples of automation:
  • Mark the status to “In Progress” when the first commit is added.

  • Set status to “Review” when a pull request is created.

  • Mark an item as “Done” when pull request is merged.

This helps developers to stay in their regular workflow and keep everyone updated of the progress effortlessly.

Learn how to setup Git workflow automation in Zepel ->
Link Features to Branch
When you link a Feature to a Bitbucket branch, Zepel can:
  • Move the Feature from “Todo” to “In Progress” automatically when you add your first commit.

  • Move the Feature from “In Progress” to “Done” automatically when the branch’s pull request is merged.

If you’ve linked your repository to your Squad, then you can link to branches with one-click.

Learn how to link a Feature to a Branch ->

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