Add Dependencies

Set dependencies between multiple work items in your squad and work together with more context.

With Dependencies in Zepel, you can set any item as:

  • Related to another item
  • Blocks another item
  • Is blocked by another item

To set dependencies with an item

  • Hover on an item inside your Feature.
  • Click on the Expand Item icon from the right side of the item.

Click on Expand Item icon

  • Under the section Dependencies, select the type of dependency you want to set by clicking on the dependency drop down. You can select “Relates to”, “Blocks”, or “Blocked by”.

Zepel Dependency Types

  • Search for the item to which you want to set a dependency. You can search using the item’s name or using its ID.

  • Click the “Add Dependency” button.

Once you set a dependency in one item, it will automatically appear in the other item as well.

To edit the dependency, select the dependency type icon from the left. This will open the drop-down with all the dependency types. Now, simply select to the type of dependency you want to set and it’ll automatically get updated.

Zepel Dependency Types

To remove the dependency, select the trash icon to the right of the item.