Have contextual conversations with team members

Comment on work items to ask questions, share information, or to provide extra information.

With comments, you can upload files and mention people to get their attention.

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  1. Adding comments
  2. Add attachments
  3. Mention team members

Adding comments

You can add comment to any item within your Feature or on the Feature itself.

To add a comment:

  • Hover on any item inside your Feature.
  • Click on the Expand Item icon from the right side of an item.

Click on Expand Item icon

  • On the bottom-right side in the pop-up, enter your comment in the text field and hit [ Enter ].

Enter your comment

Add attachments

Upload attachments to any comment to add more context to your conversations.

  • Click on the + icon near the comments text field.
  • From the file selector, select a file to attach to your comment.
  • Once the upload is complete, add text to this comment and hit [ Enter ].

All file formats, except .svg are supported. And there is a maximum file size limit of 25 MB per attachment.

Upload attachments to your comment

Mention team members

Get your team member’s attention in a conversation by using @ mention.

  • Type @ in the comments text field.
  • The drop down will show you a list of members who are collaborated in your current project.
  • Select a member from the drop down, type your comment and hit [ Enter ].

An email will be sent to the member you’ve mentioned along with the comment text and attachment (if any). You can mention all members in the project by typing @all.

Type @ to mention members in your comment