Manage team’s workload and route work efficiently

Product and Engineering managers need quick access to see how features are progressing and how members of the team are making progress.

They can rely on real-time updates of how the features are progressing with Progress. With Boards and Filters, they can now quickly see the team’s capactiy and manage their workload.

In this article, we’ll see how you can quickly get an understanding of where each of your team members’ work stand and how you can use this to route work efficiently.

1. Give each team a workflow tailor-made just for them

Once you’ve created a Feature within your squad and added user stories and tasks within them, you should add Boards for each discipline involved in helping you ship your feature.

For example, you’d need a Designer to help design the feature, a development team to build the feature, and QA team to test it. Add a Board for each of these disciplines.

Building features requires teams to come together and collaborate. At first, its usually just the product manager, engineering manager, developers, and the designer. And as your feature nears completion, you’ll want to bring in your QA team to ensure the feature is bug free and even your marketing team to help get the word out.

So, how do you fit all their workflow into a single squad project management tool? Create separate squads? Surely, not! Because then how would you collaborate and build features together?

In Zepel, you can give each discipline a Board within your squad. That way, every time your team mates work on the feature, they can work just the way they want and be more productive.

Boards in Zepel

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2. Switch to your team’s board and drill in

Head over to your team’s Board to see where each item stands. With just a click, the Board provides you a single view of all items that requires your team’s attention.

Slice and dice your team’s Board using advanced filters to see who is working on which feature and its current status. This helps you take informed decisions and add more people to work a specific feature and keep your priorities on track.

Filters panel inside a Board in Zepel

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Manage your team’s workload effortlessly

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