How Developers complete work and beat deadlines

Developers complete work assigned to them by product manager, and update statuses to keep everyone updated of progress.

In this article, we’ll see how a developer effortlessly stays on top of their work and keeps everyone updated of their progress using Zepel.

1. Add items to Features

Got assigned on a user story?

Break it down further by creating subtasks, categorize with hashtags, and drill down to the details of estimates, statuses, and assignees. All without taking hands off your favourite device - keyboard.

Use Descriptions to share code snippets with team mates and collaborate using Comments and Attachments.

Simply type / to add any of the item properties so you can always keep your team updated on your progress.

Items and its types in Zepel

2. Work distraction free with My Tasks

Sometimes you just want to work with none of the distractions. Without all the other user stories and bugs.

Head over to My Tasks to view just the items assigned to you and work distraction free. Mould it fit your needs by sorting and grouping items based on due dates, estimates, or simply by alphabetical.

View tasks assigned to you from My Tasks

If you haven’t already, you should also add a Board to your project that fits your workflow. Not to worry about disrupting your designer’s workflow. In Zepel, every team can add Boards within a project. That way, everyone gets to work just the way they want.

3. Integrate with Slack and Github or Bitbucket

Zepel fits right into your dev workflow. Integrate with Github or Bitbucket to complete your items automatically when your PR merges.

And inform everyone of this update simply by integrating your Zepel account with Slack.

Get Zepel project notifications in Slack

(Look ma, no hands!)

4. Complete from the comfort of your Desktop

Why wait for pages to load when you can track your items and keep your team members updated right from your Desktop?

View tasks assigned to you using Desktop Widget

With the desktop widget, you can view, edit, update, and complete your items right from your desktop.

And the best part? You even get notified when things change or when items get assigned to you!

Don’t just meet deadlines. Beat ‘em!

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