How to Connect Trello With Zepel

Trello is a popular work management tool widely preferred by non-technical teams to keep tabs on their progress.

By connecting Trello with Zepel, your team now has a platform called Streams to make internal requests, organize them, and prioritize them effortlessly.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you’ve logged into your Trello account.

  • Make sure you have Streams subscription enabled in your Zepel account.


  1. Connecting Trello with Zepel
  2. Sending cards from Trello to Streams

Connecting Trello with Zepel

  • Go to the Zepel Streams tab.

  • Click on the Add Source button and select Trello from the list of sources available.

  • Select the Enable Trello button.

Enable Trello button in Zepel

  • On the page that appears, click the allow button.

Allow Access Page in Trello

  • Now, select the Trello boards you wish to connect with Zepel and click Enable Trello.

Enable Trello in Zepel

Note: You can add more boards at any point in time by clicking the Add a board button in the sources pop-up.

Add a board button in Zepel

Sending cards from Trello to Streams

You can send any card as a request to Zepel Streams with the help of a simple label Zepel. To do that:

  • Go to your desired Trello board.

Note: You can send tasks only from the boards that are connected Streams in Zepel.

  • Click on the card you wish to send as a request.

  • Click on Label from under the Add to card section.

Label in Trello

  • In the text field, type Zepel. If you haven’t already created this label, click on create a new label.

Zepel Label in Trello

Note: You can view all the cards from Trello as requests under the Requests section on the Zepel Streams page.