How to Connect With Zepel is a work management tool often used by marketing and non-technical teams to keep track of their work.

You can connect with Streams in Zepel, to capture requests from other teams and prioritize those requests effortlessly.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you’re logged in to your account and have Streams subscription enabled in your Zepel account.

  • Make sure you are the admin of the account.


  1. Connecting with Zepel
  2. Sending tasks from to Streams

Connecting with Zepel

  • In your account, go to Admin

Monday Admin

  • Navigate to API section in your admin settings.

  • Click Generate to create a new API token for your account.

  • Copy the API token you just generated.

Monday Token Generate

  • In your Zepel account and navigate to the Streams tab.

  • Click on the Add Source button.

Streams Add Source Button

  • A pop-up will appear with a list of sources available.

Streams Sources Catalog

  • Click on to connect it with Zepel.

  • Enter your account’s subdomain. subdomain

  • Paste the API token you generated in your account.

Zepel Monday.coom api token

  • Click Enable

  • Copy the secret Webhook URL that is generated for your account.

Zepel Monday Webhook URL

  • Head back to your workspace.

  • Open the board you’d like to connect with Zepel.

  • On the top-right corner of the board, click on the meatballs menu.

  • From the menu, click on Integrations centre.

Monday Integrations

  • In the integrations centre, type Webhooks in the search box.

  • Select Webhooks from the search results.

Zepel Monday Webhook

  • From the list of options available, select When any column changes, send a webhook.

Zepel Monday Webhook Column Change

  • Paste the secret Webhook URL you copied from your Zepel account.

Zepel Monday Paste Webhook URL

  • Click Connect.

  • Click Add To Board.

Your board is now connected to Zepel.

Sending tasks from to Streams

You can send any task on as a request in Zepel by adding this simple tag Zepel to any task.

To tag a task in

  • Hover your mouse on a task in

  • Under the tags column, click the + icon.

Zepel Monday Add Tag

  • In the text field, type Zepel. If you haven’t already created, will ask you to create a the tag.

Zepel Monday Create Tag

Once the task is tagged as Zepel, it will automatically be created as a request in Zepel Streams.