How to Connect Asana With Zepel

Asana is a work management tool widely known for its task management capabilities. It is preferred by non-technical teams of different sizes to keep track of their progress.

By connecting Asana with Streams in Zepel, your team can now make internal requests and streamline them effortlessly.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you’ve logged into your Asana account.

  • Make sure you have a Streams subscription enabled in your Zepel account.


  1. Setting up your Active Asana Tag
  2. Connecting Asana with Zepel
  3. Sending Tasks from Asana to Streams

Setting up your Active Asana Tag

An Active Asana tag refers to a tag that has been added to and remains linked with at least one task at any point in time. To set this up:

  • Go to your workspace in Asana and move to your project.

  • Select a task of your choice from within the project.

  • Click on the Meatball menu on the top-right corner and click on the Add tags button.

Add tags button in Asana

  • In the text field, type the name of the tag. If the tag doesn’t exist, you will be prompted to create a new tag in that name.

Create a new tag in Asana

  • Ensure that your tag remains active throughout the course of your connection with Zepel Streams, else the tag will become invalid owing to the global constraint in Asana’s webhooks.

Tip: Use the tag labeled Zepel to help organize and prioritize your Asana tasks to be sent as Streams requests better.

Connecting Asana with Zepel

  • Go to the Zepel Streams tab.

  • Click on the Add Source button and select Asana from the list of sources available.

  • Select the Enable Asana button.

Enable Asana button in Zepel

  • On the page that appears, click the allow button.

  • Now, select the Asana workspace you wish to connect with Zepel and click Next.

Next button in Zepel

  • Select your active Asana tag, as mentioned above, from the list of available tags.

Selecting Active Asana Tag in Zepel

Now, your connection with Asana has been established successfully!

Sending Tasks from Asana to Streams

You can send any task as a request to Zepel Streams with the help of your active Asana tag. To do that:

  • Go to your Asana Workspace and navigate to the project with your desired task.

  • Click on that desired task to be sent as a request.

  • Click on the meatball menu button... on the top-right corner and select Add tags.

Add tags in Asana

  • In the text field, type the active Asana tag or choose it from the list of tags shown and close the task.

Active tag in Asana

Your task with the active Asana tag will be sent as a request to Zepel Streams automatically.

Note: You can view all the tasks from Asana as requests under the Requests section on the Zepel Streams page.