How to merge duplicate requests and error logs inside Streams?

When requests come from multiple sources and from several customers, there’s a good chance you’ve got a few duplicates of the same feedback/feature request/error log.

By merging these duplicates you can get a single consolidated view of everything.

Before you begin: Make sure you have a subscription to Zepel Streams and have requests flowing in from one of the sources.

How to merge duplicates

  • Click on the request you’d like to merge.
  • From the Request Details pop-up, click on the hamburger menu and click on Merge from the drop down menu.
  • In the merge request pop-up, click on the search field and start typing the name of the original request.
  • Select the request you’d like to merge your current request into.
  • Click Merge button.

NOTE: Your current request will get merged into the original request.

Your current request will now be merged into the original request you selected. When you open the original request, you’ll be able to view all the merged request inside it.

This way, all duplicates are consolidated inside one single request and you can have detailed conversations with your teammates.