Group and Filter Items

With a combination of filter and grouping, you can view your Feature just the way you want.

Sometimes a simple search is not enough. What if you want to find items assigned to a developer that is due this week? With advanced filter and group, you can slice and dice your entire Feature to find just the item you are looking for.

Group and filter all items in a Feature


  1. Filtering items
  2. Grouping items together

Filtering items

All items except Sections can be filtered based on:

  1. Assignees: To view items based on who it has been assigned to.
  2. Due Dates: To view items based on when it is due.
  3. Statuses: To view items in current status.
  4. Hashtags: To view items with certain hashtags set.
  5. Item Types: To view items of certain type.
  6. Items Under Sections: To view items under Sections.

You can click and select a combination of all 6 filter options to view just a specific set of items.

Grouping items together

You can group a set of items based on a common criteria. For example, you can group by statuses to see a all items in Todo.

All items can be grouped by:

  1. Section: Group all items based on sections.
  2. Tags: Group all items with certain hashtags together.
  3. Status: Group all items with specific statuses together.
  4. Owners: Group all items with specific assignee set.
  5. Week: Group items together based on which week they are due.