How to integrate Zepel with Slackbot?

Of course, you have a million things to do. So how do you ensure that you stay on top of your squads updates? How do you make sure you know when due dates approach, tasks get assigned to you or a bottleneck gets completed?

That’s exactly what Zepel’s Slack integration should solve for you. Once you connect your Zepel and Slack accounts, you can be sure that you get notified of important updates as and when they happen.

What notifications to expect:

Once you connect your Slack and Zepel accounts, you’ll get a notification every time:

  1. You are invited to work on a new squad.
  2. A new Feature gets added inside a squad shared with you
  3. A task gets directly assigned to you
  4. A task in any of your shared squads gets completed
  5. A task assigned to you goes overdue

Get Zepel squad notifications in Slack

Integrate Zepel With Your Slack Account:

  • Once you’re in your Zepel account, on the top left corner, click on your Account’s name.
  • From the dropdown, click on “Account Settings”.

Click on Account Settings from Accounts dropdown

  • In the “Account Settings” popup, head over to the “Integrations” tab. You’ll find a list of all Integrations available in Zepel in this tab.

Head over to Integrations tab in Account Settings

  • Next to Slack, click on the “Enable” button.
  • Click on “Authorize” to give Zepel permissions to send updates to your Slack account.

Authorize Zepel in Slack to send you notifications

Don’t worry, Zepel will only send you notifications as messages to your Slackbot and cannot post any messages on your behalf.