Opening a Pull Request from within Zepel

Before you begin: Ensure that you’ve enabled the integration for Github, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

If an item in Zepel is linked to a branch, you can quickly open a pull request and view the number of lines changed from within Zepel.

To open a pull request for the item linked to a branch,

  • Open the single item pop-up for the item that has been linked to a branch.

  • In the single item pop-up, under the heading “Linked Branches and Pull Requests”, you should be able to see the branch name linked to this item.

Open Pull Request from within Zepel

  • By clicking the “Open PR” button next to the branch name, you will be directed to your version control system you use with the pull request form pre-filled with the item title.

  • Once the pull request is created, you can view the number of lines added or removed from your codebase within Zepel.

View Pull Request in Zepel

  • The pull request’s status will also automatically get updated between Open, Closed, and Merged based on your activity.

NOTE: If a branch is deleted after the pull request is created, both the branch and the pull request will be greyed out.

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