How to link a Zepel squad with a Slack channel?

When you link a squad to Zepel, you can customize what notifications you receive about the squad in your preferred Slack channel.

Below is a list of all the notifications you can choose to receive:


  • Squad Member Added
  • Feature Created


  • Item Status Changed
  • Item Completed
  • External Link Added to an Item
  • Item Comment Added

Feature Progress

  • Feature Owner is Set
  • Feature Duration is Set
  • Feature Status Changed
  • Feature is marked as Completed
  • Feature Comment Added

Item Git Events

  • Commit Linked to Item
  • Branch Linked to Item
  • Pull Request Linked to Item
  • Item Status Changed via Commit
  • Item Status Changed via Pull Request
  • Item Completed via Git

Feature Git Events

  • Branch Linked to Feature
  • Pull Request Linked to Feature
  • Feature Completed via Git


  • Sprint Created
  • Sprint Scheduled

You can choose to not receive some of the notifications by removing the tick mark from the checkbox next to the notification’s name.

You can enable these notifications for either a public or a private channel. All members in the Slack channel will be able to view the notification. However, only members who are part of the squad can view/edit them inside Zepel.

  • Go to the squad you want to link with a Slack channel.
  • On the left side-bar, click on “Link with Slack”.

Link Zepel squad with Slack channel

  • You should now see a pop-up that will allow you to connect your squad with your preferred Slack channel. Click on “Add to Slack” button.

Add Zepel to Slack button

  • In the Slack authorization pop-up, select the workspace and channel you’d like to send the notifications to.
  • Click “Allow” button.

Allow Zepel to send notifications on Slack

Your squad will now be linked with the Slack channel you chose.