Linking an Item to a Branch

Before you begin: Ensure that you’ve enabled the integration for Github, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

An item in Zepel can be associated to a Branch in your version control system.

You can associate a branch to an item by adding the item id to the branch name. Item id can be used anywhere in the name, but it must be surrounded by slashes if the item id is used as a substring.

Here are few examples of valid branch names:

  • DEV-42
  • feature/DEV-42/big-bang
  • DEV-42/big-bang
  • big-bang/DEV-42


  1. An item can be linked to multiple branches.
  2. If a branch is deleted after being linked to an item, it will be greyed out to denote the deletion of the branch.

To find an item id:

  • Hover on any item inside your Feature/List.
  • Click on the Expand Item icon from the right side of an item.

Click on Expand Item icon

  • In the single item popup, you can either scroll down to the bottom and find the item id under Item Info or you can find the item id at the top.

Item ID in Zepel

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