Creating work items

Now that you’ve created a Feature inside your Project, let us go ahead and start adding work items.

At the end of this help article, you will be able to create user stories, tasks, subtasks, enhacements, bugs, and sections.

Items and its types in Zepel

As you can see from the above image, work items inside your Feature can be a:

1. User Story:

User Story in Zepel

2. Task:

Task in Zepel

3. Subtask:

Subtask in Zepel

4. Enhancement:

Enhancement in Zepel

5. Bug:

Bug in Zepel

6. Section:

Section in Zepel

Sections can be used to group similar work items inside your Feature together to provide your team with more context.

Once inside your Feature, you can start adding work items:

  • To change an item’s type, right click on the item and select which type you would like to change to.
  • Hit [ Tab ] to turn any item into a Subtask.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Turn any item into a task by typing - at the beginning of an item.
  • Toggle between item types using Ctrl + Shift + S (or Cmd + Shift + S if you use a Mac).
  • Add a Section to group similar items together by typing * at the beginning of an item.

If you’re not working on a feature, you can add your items inside the project’s List and add assignees, due dates, statuses, and estimate to start tracking them.