Creating Features inside your squad

Now that you’ve created a squad, let us go ahead and create Features in your squad.

With Features in Zepel, you can break your squad by specific features your team is working on. That way, you get to neatly organize your entire squad and see where each feature stands.

This gives you the ability to easily organize your entire team based on the features they’re working and drill into the details for each of them.

All Features in Zepel

How to create a Feature inside a squad?

  • From the sidebar inside your squad, click on the ( + ) button next to the Features tab.

  • Give your Feature a name.

Create a Feature in Zepel

  • Click “Create” button.

Once your Feature is created, you can now create actionable work items to track and complete your Feature.

Create multiple Features to quickly plan your roadmap

You can create multiple Features from the Progress tab to quickly plan your roadmap. This is particularly helpful for product managers to communicate priorities and roadmap by dragging-and-dropping the highest priorities to the top of the Todo column and setting its duration.

  • Click on the ( + ) icon next to the “Todo” or “In Progress” column.

Create a Feature in Zepel

  • In the “Create Feature” pop-up, click on the “Create multiple features” toggle.

Create multiple features in Zepel

  • In the text box, enter the names of the Features you want to create. Ensure that you create only one feature name per line

One feature name per line

  • Click “Create” button.

Next, you’ll learn how to create work items inside your Feature.