Getting Started With Zepel

New to Zepel? Welcome! 🤗

Zepel is the project management tool that makes it effortless for you to manage and track progress across teams.

Once you’ve signed up and created a project for your team, you are only 3 steps away from tracking progress of your feature.

In this article we will take you through the top 3 tips, so you can quickly bring in members from every team to start building and tracking features.


  1. Create Feature to plan and track progress
  2. Create Items
  3. Add Boards for every workflow

Create Feature to plan and track progress

A Feature is a collection of users stories, tasks, subtasks, bugs, and enhancements. A project can have multiple features, so you can track everything that’s happening in your project.

All Features in Zepel

And if you have miscellaneous work that are not part of a Feature, you can add them to your project’s List.

Create Items

Items and its types - Stories, Enhancements, Bugs, Tasks, and Subtasks - are at the core of Zepel. You can delegate, set deadlines, and track statuses of your work.

Once you’ve created a Feature inside your project, start adding items, so you can keep your team on same page.

  • To change an item’s type, right click on the item and select which type you would like to change to.
  • Hit [ Tab ] to turn any item into a Subtask.

Items and its types in Zepel

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Turn any item into a task by typing - at the beginning of an item.
  • Toggle between item types using Ctrl + Shift + S (or Cmd + Shift + S if you use a Mac).
  • Add a Section to group similar items together by typing * at the beginning of an item.

Add Boards for every workflow

Building features is a cross team effort. And since each team has their own way of working, you can add a Board tailor-made just for them.

That way, when you bring in a designer to help design your new feature, or a QA team to test your completed feature, they can all work from within the Project with a workflow that suits their need.

Boards in Zepel

Learn more about Boards in Zepel

Go ahead, start your first project in Zepel. It’ll only take a minute to see how effortless it is to work on features with cross team collaboration and track progress across teams.

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