Filtering Boards

Filter Boards to view and work on just the items you care.

Even if you are already within a Board, simply looking at it can be hard to find what you’re looking at. Especially when you have many items. What if you want to find items assigned to a developer who is working on a specific feature?

With filters in Boards, you can slice and dice an entire Board to find and learn who is working on what and its current status.

You can filter Squad Boards by:

  • Assignees: To view just the items assigned to specific team member(s).
  • Items from : To view items from specific Feature or the squad’s List.
  • Types: View only items of certain type - User story, Task, Enhancement, and Bug.
  • Sections: To view only items under certain Sections.
  • Tags: To view items with certain hashtags.

You can choose to mix a combination of the filters to view your Board and manage your squad.

For example, you can manage your team’s workload by filtering by assignees and see if you can relieve some work off them.

Or you want to see what’s happening in the Dev Board and see items from a Feature called Search, you can go to Dev Board and filter to view items from just that Feature. Alternatively you can just visit that particular Feature (Search feature in this case) and click on the Dev Board to view only the items from that Feature.

You can read more about the differences between Feature Board and a Squad Board over here.

To Filter a Board

  • Click on the Board’s name from the squad’s sidebar.
  • Once inside the Board, click on the Add Filter button.

Add Filters button inside a Board

  • From the filters sidebar, click and choose properties you want to filter your Board by.
  • As you select, you will see the changes reflect on your Board.

Filters panel inside a Board in Zepel