Difference between Feature Board and Project Board

Project Boards

Project Boards allow you to gain visibility across all the features that are being worked on within the project.

For example, if you have two Features named Search and Reports with Dev Board being used in both the Features, you will view all items from both the Features on the Dev Board if you open it from the project sidebar.

Project Boards in Zepel

Project Boards in Zepel are visible on the sidebar within your project. Zepel lets you add multiple boards within a project. That way, you can add a separate Board for Development, QA, Design, and so on. Each of these Boards can be used by multiple Features.

If your project board is used in multiple Features within your project, you will be able to view all items across Features. You can choose to filter your Board based on a specific Feature to view just those items.

Project Boards can also be Favourited to quickly access them from the sidebar.

Project Boards are useful when you want to see where work stands across Features. For example, you might want to see what all work is happening in different features in the Dev Board. The project board also comes in handy when you want to manage your team’s workload.

Feature Board

Within a Feature Board, you will view items only from that particular Feature. Furthermore, there are two types of Feature Boards:

  1. Default Board: All items in the Feature will use this Board when status is not set.
  2. Other Boards: When an item is explictly moved to a Board that is not the Default Board.

Feature Boards in Zepel

Feature Boards can not be favourited.

Feature Boards are useful when you want to just see what’s happening within a specific Feature. With just a quick glance you can see the different workflows being used to complete the feature. And by clicking on the Feature Board, you can see where each item stands.