How to create a new Board within a Project

Tasks with Todo, In-Progress, and Done don’t give your team much meaning when you’re Work with Teams.

If you need to bring in your designer and marketer to help ship your new feature, adding new statuses to the same board simply won’t cut it.

Boards in Zepel help your team get context of where things stand. Add a design board, dev board, and QA board all in one project, so your team can work with their own world view without losing context of the big picture and you see what exactly is happening in every team.

Boards in Zepel

How to create a new board for a project in Zepel:

  • When inside the project, from the sidebar, click on ( + ) button next to Boards.

Click + button to create Boards in Zepel

  • From the Add Board popup, you can choose to reuse a Board from other projects. But if you want to create one, click on “Or, create a new board” from the bottom right corner.

Add or create a new Board in Zepel

  • Give your board a name and click on “Create”.

  • Add statuses to your board by clicking on the Plus [ + ] icon to the left of your last status column.

Create new statuses in a Board

Once you’ve created boards, each item, irrespective of which Feature they’re in, can use statuses from the boards you created for this project.