Reuse a Board from another Project

Every time your team works on a new project, they don’t have to spend time re-creating their workflow from scratch.

Your dev team can simply add their board from their previous project and start working on the new project without any fuss.

How to add boards used in other projects to your current project?

  • When inside the project, click on the (+) next to Boards on the left sidebar.

Click + button to create Boards in Zepel

  • From the Add Board popup, you can choose to add existing boards that are being used in other projects to this project by selecting them from the popup.

  • After selecting the boards you want to add to your project, click on “Add Board” button.

Click + button to create Boards in Zepel

After clicking on Add Board, boards you selected (along with their status columns) will be added to your current project and can be used to set statuses for all items in your project.