How your Zepel account is structured

Zepel is structured into accounts, projects, features, work items, and boards.


  1. Accounts
  2. Projects
  3. Features
  4. Items
  5. Boards

Below is an image of how a project with multiple features, items, and boards fit inside your account to help you seemlessly organize and track.

Account Structure in Zepel

Let us jump in to see what they are and how they work.


An account is an overarching entity that owns all your projects and houses them together under one subdomain - An account is usually the name of your company where people are added either as a Member or an Admin.


A project is where members of in your organization come together to achieve a common goal. Projects can be features your company is working on, or represent teams such as Design or Data Science.

All Projects in Zepel

People collaborated in a project will be automatically added to the respective account as a Member if they aren’t already part of that account.

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A Feature is a collection of actionable work that your team can plan, track, and execute. As your members across teams start to work on this feature, you can see how the entire Feature is progressing right from here.

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All Features in Zepel

If you are not working on a feature right now, you can add your work items inside your project’s List.

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Your Feature can be broken down into smaller chunks of executable work. They can be assigned to more than one person, have due dates, estimates, and statuses.

An item can be:

  • User Story
  • Task
  • Subtask
  • Bug
  • Enhancement
  • Section

Items and its types in Zepel

The completion of all work items inside each Feature will determine your entire project’s progress.

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Boards in Zepel let you and your team track progress of your work items. A Board ideally represents a workflow each item flows through.

Since most features require members from other disciplines to get involved, you can have multiple Boards in your project, so everyone can work just the way they want.

Boards in Zepel

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