Never miss the forest for the trees with Reports in Zepel

Gain predictability on your team's performance, prevent any surprises that might arise, and improve their productivity.

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Go from task tracking to feature tracking

Distil all the updates your development, QA, and designers made and get meaningful information on your feature’s progress.

That way, you know how far your entire feature is from shipping.

Track the feature's progress across disciplines

Enhance your team’s Sprint performance

With the burnup and burndown chart in Zepel, see how much progress you’ve made, what’s pending, and if you’ll complete the Sprint before the deadline.

Burnup and burndown reports

Uncover opportunities and clear bottlenecks with a cumulative report

Identify roadblocks hindering your team from moving forward and asses how your team is progressing. All with a cumulative report across all features in your project.

Cumulative report of your project

Know what's happening. Every step of the way.

Know who is doing what and what is happening in your project. That way, everyone is under one single source of truth and you can keep your meetings short and to the point.

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