Plan the perfect feature every time.

The best features are glitch-free, with all the key functionalities intact.
With Zepel, you can finally plan an entire feature, keep everyone aligned, and never lose context.

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Tame feature requirements with Item Types

Break complex features into user stories, enhancements, bugs, tasks, and subtasks at the speed of thought. And group parts of your feature with Sections.

Delegate and complete on time

Estimate how long each user story will take. Delegate with assignees and due dates. And get status updates with Boards.

All with a simple / command.

Find anything with ease using advanced filters

Zepel’s advanced filters lets you find the exact item you’re looking for. Manage workload, view what your teammates are working on, its progress, and more with just a few clicks! This way, you can ensure you’re always on the know of what’s happening and ship on time.

advanced filter work

Go beyond delegating

Add a description to your user story, attach files, share mockups, and even blocks of code. Zepel supports a whole host of formatting options with Markdown support, so you can share more than just blurbs of plain-text.

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Add description while planning features

Ensure your feature is on track. Across disciplines.

Go from just tracking tasks and user stories to tracking an entire feature. Get meaningful information on how your feature is progressing across the development team, QA, and design. All in real-time.

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Track progress of the features

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