Integrations built to streamline your entire workflow!

Integrate Zepel with Slack, Github, Bitbucket, or GitLab, and automate your entire development process. That way, your workflow never gets disrupted. And you can build great products together!

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Automate your Git workflow.

Automatically change statuses and complete items based on the activities you perform in your version control system.

That means, you can focus on doing the important work, while Zepel does all the repetitive work for you.

Automatically change statuses in Zepel based on your Git workflow

Track every update automagically.

Get immediate updates and view how your code base changed, all from within Zepel. For every commit. For every pull request. In every branch.

Because when a lot of the work happens within your code base, why not just track that?

Link commits, branch, and pull requests from Zepel

Update every member automatically with Slack.

Keeping everyone aligned starts with ensuring everyone knows what's happening now. With Zepel's Slack integration, you can automatically update every team member about your progress effortlessly.

Keep every team member updated using Slack integration for Zepel

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