Team collaboration that lets you build together. Without stepping on toes.

Bring everyone up to date with all the latest information, so they have everything they need
to build solid features and ship on time.

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Bring everyone on the same page. Literally.

Get all the latest information even while your team members add and update details.
Now, that’s how you bring everyone on the same page - with all the latest details updating in real-time.

Access controls for your account

Give everyone in your company full permissions with an Admin role or simply have them as a Member. With special permissions on what people can do, you have control over how things work.

Get visibility across disciplines
in real-time.

Building features is a multi-disciplinary effort. Give every discipline a Board tailor-made just for them. That way, everyone gets to work just the way they want and collaborate across functions.

Collaborate across functions

Integrations to stay updated as your team makes progress

Get instant updates on what’s happening in your feature with in-app notifications, Slack updates and email alerts. That way, you can course-correct when things slip and plan for the road ahead.

Communicate updates instantly with Integrations

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