Give every discipline a board tailor-made for them

Bend Zepel to fit any discipline, manage workload, and visualize progress.

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Collaborate across functions

Boards in Zepel give each discipline a workflow tailored just for them, in seconds. Customize every nut and bolt, so everyone gets to work just the way they want.

And you get to track progress across disciplines. In real-time.


Filter, view, and manage workload

Bisect and dissect every Board to manage workload and focus on just the things you care about. With zero distraction.

Because to route work efficiently, it’s important to know who is working on what and it's current status.

Manage workload of team members with Board Filters

Track an entire feature. Not just User Stories.

Go from task tracking to feature tracking. See how each status update in every Board affects your entire feature and get meaningful information on how it's progressing in real-time.

It's like a command centre for your entire team.

Track progress of the feature across all Boards

Drive progress with Reports

Get insights on your feature’s progress at a glance. See how your team is progressing, identify roadblocks, and move every feature towards success with reports in Zepel.

Reports to keep track of progress

Trusted by companies that ship quality features

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Don’t bend your workflow for a project management tool.

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