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High performing software teams graduate from Trello to Zepel to build quality products. And so should you! Because why spend time customizing a simple, generic tool when you can use a powerful alternative?

trello alternative project management tool

Wait, what essential features should I look for in an alternative to Trello?

To put it gently, Trello is great if you want to move kanban cards from one column to another. When you need more capabilities to power your software development, you need a Trello alternative that's simple, but has all the powerful capabilities to build software together!

Powerful without the power-ups!

Bend your Trello alternative to fit your team irrespective of if you follow kanban or scrum methodology.

Create kanban boards for specific teams to track progress and manage workload. Or switch and create a scrum board. Whatever process your team follows, your project management tool should adapt to it effortlessly.

Kanban Board for trello alternative

Flexible without the clutter

Planning features on a kanban board is hard. You need a an interface that makes it easy to quickly capture user stories, tasks, bugs, and enhancements. That way you can easily plan and spec how each feature should behave quickly and track it's progress on the kanban board.

Learn all about feature planning →

Plan features

Only alternative to Trello with estimation points & prioritization

Don't 'power-up' for capabilities that should come out of the box. An alternative to Trello should come with built-in types, estimation, prioritization, and due dates, and more! This way, you can plan features easily and execute effectively.

Trello alternative with estimates, prioritization, and due dates

Dedicated Sprints view for Scrum teams

View your sprint plan, see how many estimation points are remaining, and track its progress either as a list or on a scrum board.

Learn all about running Sprints in Zepel →

Trello alternative for scrum teams

Reports to help teams make better decisions

Take better decisions backed by data. Track your team's progress and remove roadblocks with the help of burndown and burnup charts, cumulative reports, and activity feeds.

Learn about agile reports in Zepel →

Agile reports in a trello alternative

Why teams graduating from Trello choose Zepel over the alternatives

Zepel is a leader in Product Development on G2 Crozdesk Quality Choice Badge for Zepel

Unsure if Zepel is the right Trello Alternative for your team?

Unlike Trello and other alternatives who charge for good, quality support, at Zepel we believe in supporting our customers irrespective of what pricing plan they're in!
There are no feature restrictions on any pricing plans. You can use Zepel for free with all the features, access public APIs, and build great software together as a team.
Zepel provides a one-click importer that lets you bring your Boards with all the data effortlessly. No need to write custom code or use CSV files.

It's like magic. 😉

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