The clutter-free JIRA alternative your team is looking for!

JIRA is great if you want to look busy. But if you want an alternative that’s simple and intuitive, Zepel has your back.

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Work just the way you want

Add a Board for each discipline involved in building your new feature and let everyone work just the way they want. That means, lesser frustration of being tied to a single workflow. And you get to see your feature progress across disciplines.

All without messy configurations.

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Boards for every team

Iterate features with Sprints

Your customers want that feature. And you need to plan, prioritize, and keep your team aligned. With none of the configuration mess, Sprints in Zepel lets you take the direct line to your customer’s heart and build delightful features.

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Run Sprints effortlessly

Find just the things you care about. No coding required

Slice and dice to find any item you care about. Need to find a user story in Dev Board with In-Progress status and in Sprints? You can do that. Want to find a bug assigned to a teammate? You can do that too!

Whatever you need to find, it’s all just a few clicks away.

Advanced filters

Track an entire feature. Not just a single user story.

Prioritize features and get a full-blown picture of how they are progressing. Across disciplines. In real-time. Because when you’re just a week away from shipping your feature, you should be tracking your entire feature. Not user stories and tasks.

Prioritize features and track progress

Uncover opportunities with Reports

Whether you need to zoom in and see the progress of a specific feature or take a step back and see how the entire project is progressing. With cumulative, burnup, burndown, and activity feeds at your disposal, Zepel lets you stay on top of your team’s progress.

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Simple reports that do not confuse unlike other JIRA alternatives

Ready to experience the simple, yet powerful JIRA alternative?

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