We are super excited to announce the public release of the Zepel Desktop Widget.


Stay on Top of your Projects - without ever leaving your Desktop

The Desktop Widget is an assistant that sits in the Status Menu of your Desktop.

Built for Developers

We built the widget for developers (and other individual contributors) in software development teams- to stay on top of their projects without breaking their flow.

Keeping Tasks updated is now easier than ever

Traditional Project Management tools are used heavily by Product and Engineering Managers who own the planning stage of a project.

Developers on the other hand, spend most of their time in code editors or their consoles committing code.

Logging into a Project Management application, finding the right ticket and updating it breaks their flow.

This often results in issues in the backlog staying stale for weeks.

We realised that developers needed a separate, lightweight tool that

  • Is easy to use and accessible at all times.
  • Helps view tasks, descriptions and assets (attachments).
  • Makes it easy to update task progress.
  • Answers the question “what do I have to work on next?”

We built the Zepel Desktop widget specifically to address these issues.

 View All Tasks assigned to you or work on Active Milestones

Currently, you can

  • View tasks assigned to you.
  • Edit and rearrange tasks.
  • Work on active Milestones (sprints).
  • Change statuses, due dates, estimates and assignees. All without ever having to open a browser window.

What's next for the Widget
We're working on improvements which will allow you to

  • View descriptions and attachments for issues.
  • View comment threads between team members inside any task.

The Widget is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Click Here to Download the Widget