There’s a lot that goes into building solid software products. A thousand little nuances in communication, collaboration, and workflows gets overlooked. And over the past few weeks we’ve been addressing them one by one.

We announced deeper Slack integrations, advanced Git integrations (with GitHub, Bitbucket, & GitLab) to automate your development workflow, the ability to view design prototypes from within Zepel, and more!

Today, we’re introducing Dependencies, a new Chrome Extension, and a load of other improvements.

Mark Dependencies between Items

Share how one work item is dependent on another and prioritize with context.

With dependencies in Zepel, you can mark any item as:

  • Relates to
  • Blocks, or
  • Blocked by

This enables you to quickly show relationships between multiple work items, prioritize with more context, and work together towards a purpose.

Dependencies in Zepel
Adding dependencies in Zepel

Of course, once you’ve added dependency between multiple items, you’ll be able to view them from within a Feature/List, Boards, and Sprints.

See how to use Dependencies in Zepel over here ->

Request Changes or Report Bugs with Zepel's Chrome Extension

Communicating changes and reporting bugs becomes a lot easier when you can show it instead of just typing it.

Born out of an internal frustration, the team built a chrome extension called Zepel Capture using Zepel’s public APIs. And today, we're making it available for everyone!

Using Zepel Capture, you can:

  • Take a screenshot of any page
  • Edit and annotate the image
  • Add the edited image as an attachment to a new item in Zepel

Want to communicate design changes? Need to log console errors? Need to report a bug?

With Zepel Capture, you can do all of it, with none of the fuss.

A personal favourite benefit of mine is that you’ll no longer have thousands of screenshot files sitting in your desktop. ;)

Add Zepel Capture to Chrome from the Chrome Store ->

But wait, there’s more!

As a part of the update, the team also pushed a host of improvements to give you that extra “Oomph!” to build exceptional software together.

  • Performance Updates

The app should load a lot faster than it used to. We made a host of performance related upgrades and you should experience up to 80% improvement in performance.

  • Syntax Highlighting

Markdown descriptions has always been one of the favourites for all our customers. It enables them to share more than just few blurbs of text. For developers, it allowed them to share code snippets and collaborate on them.

Starting today, your syntax in code snippets will automatically be highlighted to make it easier for developers to share and read code from within Zepel.

  • Sprint Completion Calculation

Previously, the percentage of sprint completion was calculated based on how many items got completed. From today, it’ll also take the estimation points into account.

This will give you and your team a more accurate representation of your current sprint’s progress.

There's a lot that's coming your way in the next few weeks, but that's a topic for another day...

Go ahead, give these updates a spin and let us know what you think! It's live in your account.