If you’re looking for a JIRA alternative that’s fast, gets out of your way, and helps you plan and track features your team is building, you are at the right place.

JIRA has done wonders in shaping the industry. But the world has moved on. Today, teams don't just want a tool that is functional. They also want a project management tool that is developer friendly and built for speed and efficiency.

With JIRA, you can wring a list of issues and start working on your feature.

But you can’t get your team to care and update progress unless you put a gun to their head.

Not to forget the configuration hell you’ll have to go through before you can even create a user story.

You need an alternative to JIRA that lets you work with members across teams, plan and track features, and more importantly lets you do what you do best - writing code and building features.

By now, you are probably wondering what makes Zepel a great alternative to JIRA. Sure, there are some feature differences. I’ll get to that in a bit.

But the fundamental difference is that Zepel is built for software product teams.

That means Zepel doesn’t try to please everyone. It fits and adapts to the way you really work. It doesn’t make you do a hundred things before you create a user story. And it certainly doesn’t make you call your user story a type of issue!

If you want to plan, track features, gain visibility across teams, and build solid features that will delight your customers, we’ve got your back.

Why teams prefer Zepel as a JIRA Alternative

An Interface everyone understands

The biggest limitation with JIRA is the difficulty in understanding how it works, its slowness, and the clutter that comes with it. For anyone who has not spent several hours trying to learn the tool, it is nearly impossible to get them to update progress on your user stories.

With Zepel, you can create user stories, assign, and set a status, all before your JIRA issue create even loads.

Working on Zepel is so fast, you’d think you’re writing on a document. Want to delegate work or set due dates and statuses? It’s all a simple / command away.

A JIRA alternative with fast and simple interface

A Desktop Widget next to your code editor

Developers spend a majority of their time on the code editor. Instead of switching back and forth between your project management tool and code editor, they can finally work with none of the distractions.

Zepel’s desktop widget lets your team view, edit, and update their progress right from the comfort of their desktop. And with Slack, Github and Bitbucket integration, PR merges can automagically complete items on Zepel and keep everyone updated.

Desktop Widget in Zepel

Get visibility across disciplines. Without the messy configurations.

Configurations are helpful when you need that executive level dashboard. But what good is a dashboard if it confuses your team so much they don’t even want to update progress?

With terminologies like Epics that your team doesn’t use on a day-to-day basis, you end up alienating your team and make it even harder for them to adopt your project management tool.

Zepel uses simple terminologies like Features and does not force a process on your team. With the Desktop Widget right by your teammate’s code editor, your work is always updated and your reports will finally make sense.

And you can see how your entire Feature, not just tasks, is progressing. Across disciplines. In real-time.

A simple, intuitive project management tool without messy configurations

Hand off work and let everyone work just the way they want

Setting up and understanding how multiple Boards work in JIRA is hard. Let alone moving items from one Board to another.

With Zepel, creating Boards is as effortless as clicking a ( + ) button. Want to move an item from one Board to another? Simply change the status.

No, really. It is that simple. No need to code or set up rules.

A simpler alternative to JIRA's workflows and Boards

First-class Sprints to build the perfect feature

Add items across features into a Sprint to keep your team focused on things that matter the most. Multi-select them and add them to a sprint with a simple right click.

The best part? As your teammates use Boards that fit their workflow and update progress, you get to see how it all connects back to your feature progress.

Run Sprints across Features

Simple reports that don’t confuse

Every company can provide reports on your project. With Zepel, you can take a step further by getting reports that don’t confuse you. But aids in helping you move forward.

Whether you need to zoom in and see the progress of a specific feature or take a step back and see how the entire project is progressing, Zepel has just the right kind of reports for you.

Reports in Zepel are useful and do not confuse you like the other JIRA alternatives

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Why teams prefer Zepel as a JIRA Alternative

There are plenty of project management tools out there. Why have another one for software product teams?”, I hear you ask.

The thing about building features and products is, there are plenty of moving parts. Your team gets reorganized as you grow. And you’ll adopt new processes to increase visibility across teams and to improve the quality of the outcome.

The last thing you want at this time is a tool that forces a process on to your team.

The simple and fast alternative to JIRA project management tool for software product teams

Unlike JIRA and all the other alternatives out there, Zepel doesn’t force a process on your team. Whether you want to run Sprints, use Kanban, a combination of both, or even simple task management, Zepel fits and adapts to your team’s process as you grow.

And more importantly, irrespective of what process you adopt, Zepel is fast and is equipped with all the simplicity and flexibility your team needs to do their best work.

Still unsure if Zepel is the right project management tool for your team? Here are 5 objections and questions teams frequently ask us before they make the switch.

Free your team from clunky project management tools.

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