Today, I’m very happy to announce the beta launch of Zepel, our brand new project management software 🎉

Zepel is a project management tool for product and development teams. And it comes with some simple, yet relevant features that will make a difference in the lives of product managers, engineering leads and software developers.

It’s something our team has been working on for over a year now. Until recently, it was under wraps and only a handful of people knew about it. After several months of working on user feedback and building key features, we think it’s time to open the doors and let more people take a look.

So what is Zepel? And how is it different?

Zepel is an evolution of germ, the idea management app we were working on for two years before turning our focus to project management.

While germ was designed to help people turn abstract ideas into actionable plans, Zepel has a clear focus on organization and execution. It was a key shift we had to make in terms of both product and perspective and it helped us go from being just a personal productivity app to something that can create significant impact for businesses. But more on that sometime later! 😉

We decided to go after product teams specifically with Zepel because we felt they had a big enough problem. This space is cluttered with project management solutions, but none of them are tailored for teams that want to move fast and ship their products on time.

On one hand, we have tools like Trello and Asana that are meant to be used for general task management. They lack the flexibility that product teams really need to manage their backlogs or complete tasks. On the other hand, we have JIRA, which offers a ton of functionality but is too cumbersome to use every day. Most people will agree that it adds unnecessary overhead that they can live without.


Our aim is to strike a balance between these tools and offer an ideal experience to people who want powerful capabilities at a fraction of the complexity. Don't take our word for it, you can go have a look yourself! 😄

The first thing you need to know about Zepel is that it's based on a simple idea: that planning and execution should be two different things, and you need to be able to seamlessly switch between both to work faster as a team.

We help you do this by letting you simply toggle between two modes that are exclusively meant for these two aspects of your project. This way, you have everything you need to organize your plan and when you flick the toggle, you get to focus on a specific set of tasks without getting distracted.


Switch to the list view for planning and the track view for execution

Zepel makes it frictionless for you to go about doing your job without spending too much time (or clicks!) on your project. You’ll be surprised to see how much you can do without taking your hands off the keyboard. Here are some highlights:

  1. 📄 List view: Capture ideas, organize them using sections or sub-tasks and manage your backlog by just typing into a document.

  2. 🏷️ Special tags: Update your task's status (/s), assignee (/a) and more using shortcodes or group them together using hashtags (#).

  3. 🚩 Milestones: Prioritize your tasks, bubble up estimates and track the progress you’ve been making by setting up milestones for your project.

  4. 🤝Collaboration: Invite your team to your project and @mention them to have a discussion right there without losing context.

  5. 🔍 Search, filters and pinning: Instantly find anything you want in your project by grouping sorting and filtering tasks. Stay on top of key items by pinning them to your track view.

  6. 🕹️ Desktop widget (coming soon): Make it easy for your team to update their progress and find out what they should be doing next by having them install Zepel’s desktop widget.

There’s a lot more going on with Zepel under the hood, and there's more to this apparently simple project management app than meets the eye. So I recommend you sign up for an account and take it out for a spin.

But why call it Zepel?

As Jimmy Page once put it, the Zeppelin is "the perfect combination of heavy and light, combustibility and grace". 🤘


“Zepel” is derived from Zeppelin and is a representation of how we want to help (small) teams move fast and do big things. Our logo is a symbol of how we want teams to constantly switch between and planning and execution, and do it seamlessly to ship products faster.

We wanted our product to stand for both of these ideologies, and we felt that this was the perfect way to showcase them while still keeping things practical and unique. Thoughts?

What’s next?

Our primary objective right now is to get further validation for what we’re doing and continue improving Zepel based on feedback.

To make it easy for people to help us, we are making Zepel completely free to use for unlimited users during the beta period. We are also working on some big features that will take our product to the next level. You’ll get a say on what they should be if you come on board, which is a bonus too!

Today is a big day for everybody in our team. It has been a long journey, and we went through our fair share of ups and downs to get here. But we’re thrilled to go live at the beginning of the new year and start 2018 on a high note. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

Go ahead, check out Zepel and tell us what you think. We’re counting on you!