Of course, you want to fix that annoying bug and ship that new feature.

As software development teams, we’ve all tried to do this by creating an issue, assigning it to a teammate, and tracking them in isolation. But it doesn’t work and we’ve seen it time and time again.

* I haven’t even taken into consideration of how difficult it is to get your software development team aligned with all the work from home situation. *

Since launching, teams have used Zepel to plan every step of how their feature should behave, iterated, and tracked its progress. They quickly zoomed-in to see the progress of a task. And effortlessly zoomed-out to see how each update impacted the progress of an entire feature.

The best part? Developers were able to do all of this without having to go out of their existing workflow.

This has enabled teams to build hundreds of features together painlessly and complete thousands of tasks and bugs effortlessly.

And today’s launch is all about doubling down on this and enabling you to track your product development at every step — from a planned feature, all the way to its execution painlessly.

Introducing Feature Descriptions

The first hurdle software teams face before they even write a line of code is bringing developers on the same page on what needs to be built.

What are the requirements? What’s the scope of this feature? Should the feature have this functionality? Who is the target audience?

This is where Feature Description comes in.

Spec features in detail using Zepel
Spec features in detail and derive trackable work items

The Feature Description allows you to ideate and communicate all the relevant information about the feature to your development team.

This way, when your development team opens up the feature document in Zepel, they have an easy and quick access to all the relevant information — from a feature spec to all the items that need to be worked on.

Developer-focussed & Improved Git Integrations

Sometimes, a developer may begin working on a new feature or a bug fix even before you create it in Zepel. And when they’re in the flow, interrupting and asking them to link to an item just so you can track their progress isn’t ideal.

With the latest Git update in Zepel, when a developer creates a new branch and names it as bug/{squad-key}/bug-fix-name, we’ll automatically create a bug inside your list with the title Bug fix name. The same applies to an enhancement, a task, and a story. Also, if you create a branch called feature/{squad-key}/feature-name we’ll even create a new feature in Zepel.

The best part is, once the feature/items are created, they’re also automatically linked. This means, if you have Git Workflow setup, developers would never have to come back to Zepel to update statuses — it’s all taken care of automatically.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve enabled the integration with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.

Introducing Streams

Handing work over from your product team to your engineering team isn’t as easy as it should be. Product teams have all the context of what customers are saying and asking. Developers, on the other hand, get very little exposure to this valuable information.

This becomes even more painful when you have multiple customers asking for several stuff across multiple tools — help desks, live chat, error tracking tools, and more.

Streams in Zepel lets you:

  • collect requests from any tool across your product development stack
  • group and prioritize requests, and
  • hand them over to your development team as user stories or bugs or features for development.
Merge, prioritize, and handoff requests to development teams.
Merge, prioritize, and handoff requests to development teams.

With today’s launch of new features and improvements, you can track the progress at every phase of your product development process.

Go ahead, head over to your Zepel account, and share with us your feedback. And if you haven’t already, sign up for your Zepel account and let us know what you think.

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