There's a reason why a branch named feature/feature-name takes longer to merge and deploy than bug-fix/issue-name.

Any feature you build is complicated, has several moving parts, and requires you to work together as a squad.

It needs more attention to detail. It requires a proactive approach than a reactive one. And more importantly, it has a lot at stake.

That's why, you can't treat product development like a bug fix.

Zepel has always enabled teams to give product development the attention it deserves. It lets you:

  • zoom in and track a single work item and know what's happening today
  • zoom out and track an entire feature's progress across multiple disciplines

Zepel's new capabilities enables you to do both of these more efficiently and effectively.

Let Zepel do the heavy lifting for you: Introducing Feature Linking to Git Branches

One of the biggest hurdles with building products together is keeping everyone updated on the progress. Has the team begun working on the feature? How much progress has been made?

Starting today, you can link a Feature in Zepel to a branch and we'll automatically update its progress, so you can focus on the important work.

All you have to do is link the Feature you're working on to a Branch with a valid name using our helpers. And everything else will be taken care of for you!

Git Helper for Linking a Feature to a Branch in Zepel
Linking a Feature to a Branch

Once the branch is linked, Zepel will:

  • Automatically move the linked Feature from "Todo" to "In Progress" when you add a first commit.
  • Move the linked Feature from "In Progress" to "Completed" automatically when you merge the branch's pull request.
  • Show code progress
Track Feature Progress along with code changes

How useful is a bug report if it doesn’t give the context of what the unexpected behaviour was? What good is a feature request if you don’t know why your customer asked for it in the first place? And how can your development team build quality software without quick access to a detailed spec and design mocks?

External links in Zepel allow you to link your feature or any item to any data that’s stored in another platform. This allows you to give all and any information your development team needs to build solid features.

Logos of supported external links you can add in Zepel

You can link any item or feature in Zepel with:

Of course, I’m sure you might be thinking of this as more of copy-pasting links. But that’s where we decided to take it up a notch.

When you add certain links like Figma, InVision, or Marvel, Zepel can automatically pull up the design and show it to your teammates right inside your Zepel account.

We've optimized it for performance, so when you open up an item's details pop-up, you never experience slowness.

Figma + Zepel integration
Viewing Figma designs inside Zepel

Another step closer to building better software together

You can read our step-by-step guide on how to link a feature to a branch and how you can add external links to items.

All these updates are now live. Go ahead, log in to your Zepel account, and give it a spin!

We've got a ton of new updates coming your way and we'd love to hear your feedback. Tweet to us @GetZepel.