On the hunt for a project management tool that is intuitive to use, free, and fits your team’s workflow? You are at the right place.

Building features that satisfy your customer’s needs is key to growing your business.

Which is why Zepel is free for 5 members without any feature restrictions.

Because the last thing you want is a project management tool that stops your team from satisfying your customer’s feature needs.

What’s the catch? There is no catch!

Your first 5 members get all the awesomeness they need to build solid features for your product, so you can wow your customers every time!

If you want to create 20 projects, plan 50 different features, upload multiple files, run Sprints, add Boards, and track your progress with a Desktop Widget, be our guest.

They are all free for your first 5 members. With no strings attached.

Looking for a FREE project management tool for your team?


What can you achieve with this free project management tool?

Simple intuitive interface to plan your perfect feature

Building features is hard. It comes with plenty of nagging questions and unexpected requests from customers. That’s why Zepel comes with the simplicity you need and the flexibility you desire to effortlessly plan your new feature.

Want to assign, set due dates, estimate, add statuses, and prioritize user stories? It’s all a / command away. Add descriptions and attachments to give your team more context and have conversations for each work item to answer any questions your team might have.

The free project management tool with a fast and simple interface

Bring features to life with Sprints

Whether you want to build your features in phases or be functionality complete, you can effortlessly plan and prioritize key user stories and tasks with Sprints in Zepel.

Timebox work, estimate time to completion, and ship delightful features for your customers every time!

Sprints in Zepel

Get visibility across all disciplines

Feature building is a team effort. You need to bring members with different skill sets and get them to work together. Which is why team collaboration in Zepel isn’t just about assigning work and having conversations.

With a Board tailor-made just for each discipline involved in your feature, everyone gets to work just the way they want. And you get to see your feature’s progress across all disciplines.

Boards in Zepel lets everyone work just the way they want

Complete from the comfort of your desktop

Getting your team to update progress on their work is probably the biggest pain most teams face today. Because when your team don’t update progress, none of your reports or charts will even matter.

With Zepel’s Desktop Widget sitting right next to your team’s code editor, every team member can view, get updates, work, and complete, all from their desktop.

Complete tasks from the comfort of your desktop with Zepel's Desktop Widget

Make sense of all the updates across disciplines

Go from task tracking to feature tracking with Progress in Zepel. When you’ve got members from different disciplines working just the way they want, you’d want to make sense of all status updates and completes and understand how far away the feature is from being shipping.

Progress in Zepel lets you quickly distil every update every member made and see your entire feature’s progress. Across every discipline. In real-time.

Track feature progress across disciplines

Take data-informed decisions with Reports

When you need specific numbers and more information on how your team is performing, Zepel gives you a cumulative chart of everything that’s happening in your project and an activity feed to know exactly what’s happening.

And with burn up and burn down reports, you can track how much progress you’ve made either by estimation points or by simple count.

Reports in Zepel are useful and do not confuse you like the other free project management tools

And it integrates right into your daily workflow

We get it. You use plenty of tools already. And you’re unsure if you should be adding another tool to your workflow.

Not to worry. Zepel integrates with the tools you already love and use every day.

PR got merged? Zepel will autocomplete it for you. Need to update your team on Slack? You can do that too!

Ooh, fancy! But why do you need a free project management tool?

Building features is stressful. A lot of fun, but extremely stressful. Especially if you aren’t tracking them with a tool that’s made for software product teams. Or if you are using a bloated tool.

Things change constantly. New requests come in from your customers. And team updates get lost in messy spreadsheets and clunky tools.

With a simple, intuitive project management tool like Zepel, you can finally never worry about missing another feature deadline.

And while your customers fall in love with your new features your 5-member team built, you save $420 a year, every year by using Zepel.

What happens if you want to add more members?

Growth is awesome. And there’s nothing like hiring more teammates to help you on your mission to build the best product for your customers. Which is why with Zepel, you can bring in new members any time you want for just $7, per member, per month.

And the best part? You’ll still get charged only $0 for your first 5 members.

See, we really meant it when we said no strings attached.

Still unsure if Zepel is the right project management tool for your team? Here are 5 objections and questions teams frequently ask us before they make the switch.

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