This article was supposed to be about Zepel’s beta version of public APIs and how you can start using it today to get work done faster.

I want to say using Zepel’s API would help you get your work done quicker and ultimately become more productive.

But you already know that. You get yourself a token, hit various end points, and voila! Magic happens.

Instead, I thought I’ll share what this really means for you and for your team.

Zepel’s API, much like happiness, means different things for different people.

  • To the developer busy inside terminals and VS code, Zepel’s API lets you update every team member about your progress with just few lines of code. Because you deserve to focus all your attention on the thing you do best - writing code and building great products.
  • To the manager who cares about the progress, Zepel’s API allows you to get updates about just the thing you care about, so you can spend time removing roadblocks and ship faster.
  • To the product manager who is constantly worrying about prioritizing and what to build next, Zepel’s API gives you the chance to bring all your customer requests under one umbrella, so you can spend more time thinking about your customer's needs and plan for the road ahead.

And that’s just the surface level!

Zepel’s API ultimately lets you streamline your entire product development process.

It allows you to build customizations and create specific automations at every phase of your workflow and your organization’s process.

It’s the dream come true for the maker in you really.

This means you can spend more time solving problems and sweating the important details of how your new feature will look and feel and work. That way, every time your team gets together to build a new feature, you only spend time doing what moves the needle for your business.

So, what are you going to build with Zepel's API?

Head over here to read our API docs to get started and tweet to us with a link to what you build.