What if you never had to worry about all the miscellaneous work around building a feature?

What if you could open up your code editor, write lines of code, follow your regular Git workflow, and that’s it!

No grunt work of switching from one tool to another. No need to find the user story assigned to you. And no need to manually change statuses.

That means, as a developer, you can finally focus on delivering your best work. You can automatically keep managers and other members in-sync with your progress. All without having your workflow disrupted.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Say hello to your little friend: Git Workflow Automation in Zepel

GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab integration in Zepel
Automate Zepel to work exactly the way your development process is setup.

Starting today, you can setup Zepel to automatically change status of an item based on your Git workflow.

Need to move an item from “Todo” to “In Progress” when you add a commit? You can automate that.

Want to move the item from “In Progress” to “In Review” when you open a pull request? You can automate that.

Want to let your team know that you’ve merged the pull request and you’re ready to deploy? Yep… You can automate that too!

However your Git workflow is setup, you can bend Zepel to automate every step of it.

This means developers can remain focused on writing code and building great software, knowing that Zepel will do the boring work of updating statuses and keeping their teammates and stakeholders up to date.

And it also enables your manager to view a complete timeline of what happened and get accurate charts to help them identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

[Learn how to setup Git Workflow Automation ->]

Go Beyond Status Updates: Automatically inform team members on “what” changes you made.

Of course, status changes should give your team members a good picture of how the work is progressing. But sometimes knowing the user story is “In Progress” isn’t really enough.

Your team members need to know “what” changes you made to get more context, don’t they?

You can link items in Zepel to a commit, branch, or pull request, and watch every update roll into Zepel in real-time.

Zepel integration with GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab
Get real-time updates on every commit, every pull request, and branch changes.

That means, every commit you add, every pull request you create and merge, are all neatly stacked within the item. So when your manager and team members open it up, they can get the full context of what's being built and know exactly what changes you made.

All of this, of course, works irrespective of whether you use GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. All you have to do is enable the integration and type in the item id within square braces when you add a commit, create a branch, or open a pull request.

Everything else is taken care of. Automatically.

When we opened up access to Zepel’s API last month, it was the first step towards enabling you and your team to automate and improve your development process. Today, with the introduction of Git Workflow Automation, we’re taking our next step towards helping you streamline your entire development processes and build great products together.

Because building products and features is hard enough already. You deserve a tool that does all the grunt work for you, so you can spend time doing what you do best.

Visit our product guide to see how you can get started immediately.

Automate your Git Workflow in Zepel.

Level up and automate every step of your development process with Git Workflow Automation in Zepel.