Say "No" To Issue Tracking Tools

There's more to product development than tracking issues in isolation. Zepel lets you track your entire development process and build software products together painlessly.

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George Vagenas

George Vagenas

Senior R&D Software Engineer

While I was looking for a Jira alternative I stumbled upon which not only is a note worthy alternative but much much more.

Product Hunt

Your issue tracker causes more harm than good.

Forces issue-driven development. Not customer focused.
Creates a disconnect between engineering and product teams.
Nightmare to connect engineering team’s progress to macro-level goals.

Zepel lets you build customer-focussed software products and track development progress every step of the way.


Turn feature specs into trackable work


Boards, Sprints, and Agile Reports enable you to collaborate on the development process with ease. Turn prioritized outcomes into a shipped software by quickly iterating and visualizing progress at every step.


Handoff from product to development easily


Group requests and errors from multiple sources, prioritize, and delegate them to a squad. This way, every squad is aligned around the desired outcome and macro-level goals. And not just an issue.

Streamline your development process, the Zepel way.

Stephan Meijer

Stephan Meijer

Software Developer

A more intuitive app than JIRA. [Zepel] feels more SCRUM than alternatives. Also it feels very lightweight, in the sense that it could be fun to do work with this app.