A better way to plan and
ship your products

Manage your backlog and meet deadlines effortlessly with Zepel, project management software for product teams.

Everything you need to complete your projects, minus the distractions

Capture your ideas
Start by making a list of ideas and turn it into a structured plan when you’re ready
Bring in your team
Work closely with your team and decide how you want to get things done
Track and execute
Keep track of what’s important to you and complete tasks one by one

Capture ideas and organize your backlog

Creating a backlog in Zepel is as easy as typing into a document. Just make a list of everything you want, organize them into sections or sub-tasks and add more details using special tags. All without taking your hands off the keyboard!

Organize and Plan

Bring in your team and work on projects together

Invite your teammates to your projects and go back and forth with them to decide how you want to get things done. Just @mention people to loop them into conversations or start separate threads to have 1-1 discussions.

Track and Execute

Focus on specific tasks and complete them

Set up high-level milestones for your team and let them know what needs to be done. As you make progress, keep track of what’s happening with every task and unblock people at the right time to make sure you meet your deadlines.

Organize and Plan

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